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This is the just one reason I hate the rumor sites. In a post that reads like an April Fools joke, this intelligent discussion suggests Mac developers will abandon coding for OS X because new Macs can run Windows. “Just boot into Windows” they say. Come on, this is a complete cop-out and it only hurts the Mac community. There is no reason for developers to stop coding for the Mac just because of Boot Camp. The Mac software market is alive and well, and Windows doesn’t offer any better of a development platform than Mac OS X (Ok, XCode is pretty cool compared to Visual Studio).

Here are real reasons third party development would cease.

  • Apple went out of business and left with OS X source code too. Think BeOS…
  • Apple refused or complicated third party development by ending ADC and/or not documenting new API’s

Sure, some would say this happens (or has happened), but again it’s really not too different from Microsoft’s developer stance.

  • Mac OS X users discover Windows XP is awesome because of Boot Camp. OS X’s market increases take a nosedive and the operating system market enters it’s darkest days.

I’m sure there are some other reasons, so feel free to add them. In all cases, even some I’ve missed, are pretty much not going to happen due to Boot Camp alone.



All this ‘rumoring’ trying to figure out what’s going to happen and what Apple’s plans are, are just silly. The market will decided the fate of Apple and the MacOS – and frankly, that’s probably what Steve Jobs is expecting to happen as well.

Harvard Irving


That is such a cop-out. Can you tell me what journalistic responsibility that Crazy Apple Rumors overlooked? They were making a parody of the ridiculous comments by mainsteam journalists.

You are the one who has neglected journalistic responsibility, by making a serious post about what is obviously a parody. If you are to maintain any integrity whatsoever, you would admit you made a mistake, and not pass blame onto others.

There is no excuse for this.


Journalistic Responsibility Shoe meet Todd Baur’s foot… it’s in his mouth.

Writers and readers both have a responsibility to bring their minds to the journalistic table. Just using the eyes and mouth isn’t enough.

So, you got stuck both sides this time, big deal. Blaming other writers, blaming other readers, and blaming Dan Rather won’t make your original posted story into anything other than a mistake. We all make them.

If you’re new to this public mistake stuff, the internal ‘Oh No!’ reaction can work on the outside too. Or you can translate to some journalistic equivalent.

Todd Baur

Thanks! I’m not mad – just pointing out that satire shares journalistic responsibility too. Not as much, but can be just as damaging as, say, Dan Rather.


Don’t stick to your guns here, Todd. Just don’t.
If we dumb down satire because people are too knee-jerk to actually investigate what they’re pissed off about, we’d be a nation run by talk-radio listening idiots!
Oh, wait…
Come on Todd, next time, read before you yell. Don’t be a Limbaugh-listener. You’re better than that. I hope.

Apple lover ever since experiencing OS7 after Windows 3.1,

Brian Donohue

I didn’t realize what this article was until I hit the link. It’s from CARS–they’re goofing on the idea! (CARS does a similar bit of silliness on the back page of Macworld every month).

Jason Terhorst

I have to agree with Daveed. From several directions (but not all), Visual Studio holds its own. XCode has strange issues that make even the best Cocoa developers curse at their Macs sometimes. Some work needs to be done before it will be completely ready.

Daveed V.

I’m not sure what you mean by:

XCode is pretty cool compared to Visual Studio

but as an IDE Visual Studio is still IMO quite a bit better overall than Xcode (and I’m not the only Mac user with that opinion: See e.g. the blogs of the Photoshop developers).

OTOH, I find Cocoa to be a much more pleasant framework than any of the variants Microsoft makes available to C- or C -based applications (that includes C /CLI). Unfortunately, if you want to write cross-platform code, things are still difficult, and the Cocoa advantage is lost for the purpose of attracting developer seats. The overall OS X advantage remains, but the Visual Studio advantage may cause some to reasonably prefer developing cross-platform applications under MS Windows.

The silver lining of the force-to-Xcode transition to Intel’s chips may be that in order to support certain large cross-platform applications (like Photoshop or Word) Apple is going to be motivated to further enhance Xcode (hopefully to the point where it is unequivocally preferable over the competition).


Now that is a whoosh for the ages! The fellow who writes CARS is dancing a jig right now.

Harvard Irving

Casey Koons –

No s**t, of course Photoshop runs faster on an iMac under Windows. An iMac has an Intel processor – and there is no Mac/Intel native version of Photoshop yet. So it runs under Rosetta emulation.

Talk about comparing apples to oranges!

Douglas Cootey

arcsine’s nailed it. I’ve been doing tech support for two different people setting up a PC under VPC 7 in the past two weeks. It’s been interesting seeing how simple things tripped them up. Not because they were stupid, but because the process is complicated and I just happen to be geek enough to have learned how to do it easily. Setting up a virtual PC is nothing compared to the work involved in setting up a dual booting machine. I’ve known people afraid to touch a mouse. I can’t get my mother-in-law to install Firefox on her PC. These people aren’t going to be interested in Boot Camp.

Maybe some of you guys forget we aren’t the typical population. We’re commenting on an Apple blog about rumor sites for crying out loud! How many sane people do that? LOL No, Boot Camp is for the geeky few or professional few who need a dual booting system. Maybe a few switchers will consider a Mac because of Boot Camp, but unless their geeky son/cousin/nephew sets it up for them they won’t ever see XP on their Macs. I don’t believe this will be a large enough population of users to affect big developers. Besides, all you need is ONE app like Delicious Library making money and the developers will come for a piece of the action.


By all means, worry about this.

Because now everyone has the magical option to run Windows on a computer.

Or is it because now everyone has the brand new option to choose Mac OS or Windows?

Or maybe it’s a brand new option for developers to chose which OS’s to support?


Apple offered a solution to simplify the lives of a segment of Professional customers and anyone who thinks maintaining two OS’s is a ‘good option’ for regular computer users or even an enticing prospect to switchers is wrong.

Casey Koons

Jokes aside.

A friend of mine thinks that Boot Camp is the death of development for Mac OS, particularly for the dual development of software. Apparently several PC-to-Mac converting studios have already given up business. And reportedly Photoshop CS runs faster in XP on an iMac than in Mac OS X.

So what is the incentive for a software developer to continue to write for both platforms? Granted small developers will continue to support their prefered systems, but what about the giants like Adobe?


Next week Todd Baur will report that someone Hacked Google and if you zoom in on the moon, it turns into cheese.

Or maybe he’ll google “excuses for poorly done work” and find “But I Googled it !?!” in the top ten.

Just take a bite of crow swallow and move on.



This post made my day! Which “mainstream” outlet ran this as real? What clowns!

Todd Baur

I just did a google search using the title of the article, just validating the main point. Most of it is speculation, but potential switchers are picking this up too. So again, truth or satire, it’s damaging.

See for yourself.

Yeah I admit that I was caught in not knowing about the satire of it. I stick to my guns though, it’s not cool to do that because people don’t pick up on it, as you can see.

Todd Baur

Satire or otherwise, I stumbled on this because a mainstream media outlet picked it up and ran it as real.


Reads Like An April Fools Joke? Thats because CARS is a joke site. lol


It’s just a humor site, for crying out loud. It’s just a joke. Don’t take it that seriously, m’kay?

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