Death of Development

This is the just one reason I hate the rumor sites. In a post that reads like an April Fools joke, this intelligent discussion suggests Mac developers will abandon coding for OS X because new Macs can run Windows. “Just boot into Windows” they say. Come on, this is a complete cop-out and it only hurts the Mac community. There is no reason for developers to stop coding for the Mac just because of Boot Camp. The Mac software market is alive and well, and Windows doesn’t offer any better of a development platform than Mac OS X (Ok, XCode is pretty cool compared to Visual Studio).

Here are real reasons third party development would cease.

  • Apple went out of business and left with OS X source code too. Think BeOS…
  • Apple refused or complicated third party development by ending ADC and/or not documenting new API’s

Sure, some would say this happens (or has happened), but again it’s really not too different from Microsoft’s developer stance.

  • Mac OS X users discover Windows XP is awesome because of Boot Camp. OS X’s market increases take a nosedive and the operating system market enters it’s darkest days.

I’m sure there are some other reasons, so feel free to add them. In all cases, even some I’ve missed, are pretty much not going to happen due to Boot Camp alone.


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