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Xero, Still A Zero

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Xero Mobile, a MVNO with roots going back to the infamous Gizmondo device company has now gone public by executing a reverse merger with a shell company. This is the kind of move which waves all sorts of red flags. Never mind it doesn’t have a product or a service as yet. And won’t have any up until fall 2006.

From their press release they are going after the same market demographic as the more well funded plays – Amp’D and Helio. The Xero twist: near free service supported by ads. Oh well… do I have to say it again that this MVNO thing is going to end badly.

8 Responses to “Xero, Still A Zero”

  1. damnn Ive been reading up on Xero. Forget that gizmundo stuff, thats in the past. This Xero thing is a whole other animal and damn it looks pretty good. A bunch of my friends and I always look for deals and ways to save some $. I know lots of people who would be down to save to watch some entertaining clips. I want a high tech phone for cheap too! The only problem is this: when can I sign up??? I want it now!!!

  2. This Xero Mobile scam is Gizmondo all over again. It has the same puppetmasters behind the magic curtain. Carl Freer and Stefan Erickksen. They clearly learned to put their previous Gizmondo Employees to go to jail this time.

    Looks like Stephan will be running this one from behind bars and Carl Freer will more than likely escape once again.

    The smoke and mirrors should be easy to see this time around though.

  3. Jesse Kopelman

    Again, I ask, end badly for who? I think it will only end badly for uninformed speculators, but be great for everyone else. For must people, industry and consumers, MVNOs will be good, whether the model fails or not.