Morph Me, Baby

MorphMe[By James Pearce] The latest thing is people altering pictures they take … Pulse lets you animate a picture to make it talk, and now ActiveSymbols has a program called MorphMe, which allows you to change a picture into something else…options on the page include: Find my Famous Twin, Make me a Geriatric, Make me Bark, Make me a “Hunk”, Make me a “Babe”, Make me a Race Car Driver, Make me an Emoticon, Make my Celebrity Baby, Make me Popular.
I’m in the camp that thinks that user-generated content is going to be very big in the mobile world just as it is in the online world, and services that allow people to create unique mobile content with minimal input from themselves are likely to be successful. The process is certainly easy: “Using your camera phone, take a picture of yourself or a friend and MMS it to [email protected] – then select an option from the menu that’s returned. After you MMS the image you will receive a SMS with an embedded HTTP link. In order to use the service, your phone must have a Web Browser and Internet service.For best results, take the picture in good light and try to fill the frame with a straight-on head shot.”
Active Symbol has some other applications, mainly targeted towards image search for brands, but it’s always good to have a consumer product that just might take off…