Induslogic Acquires Games And Porting Company Lambent

There are signs of consolidation in the Indian mobile value added services space. Business Standard reports that VC-funded Induslogic has acquired Nagpur-based Lambent Technologies, a wireless gaming and porting company, for an undisclosed sum. But Lambent CEO Shashikant Chaudhary would prefer to call it a “merger”.
Companies like Lambent – based in places like Nagpur – would find it difficult to survive in the longer run, so they are likley to go in for mergers or getting acquired. “We couldn’t just wait for projects to fall into our laps. Nagpur is too remote a place that is yet to figure on the international IT map,” said Choudhary. Induslogic had recently closed a $12.5 million series B funding from WestBridge Capital Partners and joined by other funds like New Enetrprise Associates and Draper Atlantic. Induslogic is an outsourced product development services company based out of Virginia, US, and Noida, India. With the acquisition of Lambent, it’s likely Induslogic would aggressively get into wireless gaming and porting solutions.
Talking of mergers and acquisition in the wireless content space, Cellebrum, a Noida-based value added services company, is talking to mobile gaming companies for an acquisition.