Tiered services probably on the way for Verizon EVDO customers


Verizon executive VP and CTO Dick Lynch stated at a press conference last week that they do not intend to block EVDO customers who are streaming video over their network.  But, and here’s the catch, he warned that tiered services with higher prices are likely on the way.  Verizon is already the most expensive EVDO network with charges as high as $60 per month currently but Lynch gave no indication how this tiered pricing might be implemented.

“I don’t think you ought to assume that for the long term you’re going to be able to pay the same amount as the… more casual user and be fair to all our customers. So I think you’ll find over time that the amount of usage that you demand from the network each month will in fact have to… drive the pricing structure,” Lynch said.

(PC World via ars technica)



Hey, he could be saying “Cheaper by the GigaByte.” :-)

Back in reality…

But between Sprint’s coverage issues and CIngular having all but announced they’ve managed to somehow accidentally disembowel themselves with their HSPDA short sword there isn’t much competition for Verizon to need to hold down prices. :-(

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