@ CTIA: Veepers Mutates To Animated Photos

I spent a few minutes at CTIA with John Yuzdepski from Pulse Mobile looking at the company’s Veeper product…it’s now been enhanced so that people can take a static photo and have it animated so it seems to talk while audio is played. It requires fitting a diagram to the face so the program knows what to move, so there is some skill involved. The image is not as animated as a real video, of course, and looks strange…but if someone doesn’t know what they’re looking at it would take a short while to figure out exactly what is being done. The idea is to make the image (which can be anything with a face) and send it as a message to someone…it’s a pretty cool application. Rather than animate their own face I suspect most people will animate pets or celebrities. Pulse plans to market this to MVNOs and social networks.

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