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The MySpace Economy; Cleaning Up

There was the eBay economy, the Google economy, the iPod economy and now the MySpace economy, and has a nice story on how ambitious entrepreneurs who have figured out how to make money by floodgate of MySpace visitors.
These are small businesses that do everything from helping users decorate their profiles to creating tools that let advertisers target MySpace users. Example: Louis Ramos, a freshman at Southern Illinois University, says he has made more than $200,000 since last June by running and, two sites that offer MySpace users free tools to upgrade and spruce up their profiles with colors and images.
Another subset are creating and selling software designed to automate tasks within the network, such as inviting and confirming friends, posting messages and sending bulletins.
MySpace’s offical response: well, nothing really…they declined to comment for the story.
In a related story, in response to criticism of, News Corp. is launching a multimillion dollar public-service ad campaign across its many media properties, including, the Fox channel and Fox-owned cable channels such as FX, National Geographic and Fuel TV. The ads don’t mention News Corp. or MySpace but speak to the persistent child-stalking problems on MySpace and other social-networking sites.