Pimp Your Google Talk


The new trend amongst VoIP/IM chat client companies – give people ability to pimp out their software. Google Talk has just announced that it would let people add pictures and themes to their Google Talk client. The new version of the client can be personalized, just like Trillian or Skype or whatever. Add your own pictures or themes. In a nutshell, Google playing catch-up.


Tom perry

You can do really cool things with google already. Just go to http://www.pimpmygoogle.com where you can change the pictures, add background music, make the baground color flash, add animated objects draw on the background and even make the GOOOOGLE letters do cool things. Its awsome. You definatley have got to try it.

Anonymous Coward

It isn’t clear what you mean with the phrase “pimp out your software.” A pimp is one who finds customers for prostitutes. Do the new features allow you to somehow sell a service to other people?

Om Malik

oh forget about the mac version of the damn thing. it is impossible to even predict. however you can still use ichat to connect to jabber/gtalk accounts.



It’s cool Google will let ya pimp GTalk… however, any word on a Mac version in the offing anytime soon for Gtalk?

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