GoalEnforcer to be optimized for the UMPC


GoalEnforcer is a visual goal setting and monitoring application that is designed to maximize the display on small screen devices.  The developers are advertising that a UMPC optimized version is on the way which shows again how developers are expecting sales numbers to be high.  I have not used GoalEnforcer myself but it looks like a very nice and light way to do light project tracking in a visual manner.  Here are the features of the program:

  • GoalEnforcerVisual Organizer
  • Project Manager
  • Task Manager
  • Progress Report
  • Generator

It looks like a very useful program and one that would fit the expected usage of the Origami perfectly.  The program is currently 50% off regular price and is only $14.95 right now on the product web site.

(via jkOnTheRun reader Todd Adams)



I’ve seen a lot of software of this type, but I’ve never seen a software that is as intuitive as GoalEnforcer.
I’m impressed!


Interesting programme, if a little basic.

Personally , I prefer MyLifeOrganized for task management, which seems to get regular development and a lot of user praise and support.


Another option is Lifebalance from Llamagraphics


This does look like a nice little program. However, it would be much more useful to me if it would integrate with Outlook’s task manager.

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