Veoh Vs Video Bloggers

Video bloggers are up in arms against Veoh, an online video service. Why? Because many say that the company is taking their video content, downloading it, transcoding and hosting it on their (Veoh) sites without anyone’s permission. The news of this story first started to show up in Yahoo VideoBlogging Group, and then on We The Media website.

Veoh has used the very same RSS to hijack videobloggers’ valuable content and trap it in Veoh’s walled garden. Vloggers own the copyright over their videos, and they have the same rights as any other copyright holder from Disney to NBC.

Veoh CEO Dmitry Shapiro posted this comment on the Yahoo Group:

It is not our intention to steal anyone’s content. …The reason we transcode the content is to offload those costs from you to us. Maybe this is not the right thing to do. We are open to your comments, and will obey your wishes.

But the problem it seems doesn’t end with individual videobloggers.

Veoh has also been crawling and copying the entire video catalogs of rival hosting services including, OurMedia, Vidilife and Vimeo. They have essentially been taking all the video uploaded to the Internet and appropriating it for their own use.

This kind of credit-less remixing of the content has been common place in the blogosphere, and now it is spreading to video blogs. Other services have had their own issues despite growing popularity, as pointed out here. I hope, Veoh and others video services do the right thing!

Hat tip: Peter Van Dijck from Mefeedia


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