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Ecco1 Scott Rosenberg
EccoPro written about EccoPro in the past



In June 2007, NeoTech Systems opened a public beta of SQLNotes (code name). Based on the same concept of rich text outline of items with columns, folders, forms and notepads as Ecco, it adds new features, such as:
* multiple parents
* show/hide context parents, hierarchy
* row and column calculations
* user-defined functions
* modern Office-like UI
* pivot table and charts
* HTML export
* HTML Editing pane (to work as a 2 pane outliner)
* Live links with MS Office (Word, Excel and Access can read live SQLNotes data)

Coming soon features are full-featured calendar with Outlook and GCalendar sync, disconnected mode and Gantt charts for project management.


There is a program that can do all the things that EccoPro can do and more. In fact, I believe that Ecco was copied or modeled after it. The program I am referring to is Commence. Totally customizable in every way. Check it out and enjoy.


It still surprises me that all these years later there is no current PIM program that really improves on what Ecco did (and frankly can still do).

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