Smart Caddie event held in Japan


Ultra Mobile PCs Tips is reporting on the Smart Caddie UMPC event held in Japan this week. The Smart Caddie is the same hardware as the TabletKiosk eo but I’m not sure if there will be any differences between the two Origamis. There are a lot of photos of the launch posted on this Flickr site and one I found very interesting is a photo of this stand:


Ron C

I don’t know if this has been discussed before but the lack of ANY flash media slots on either this or the Kiosk version is an absolute deal breaker for me.
Am I missing something? Is the idea that we should go with USB card readers when we want to use removable media going to go over with you guys?

Slightly OT but I would like to raise this issue and would really love to hear some opinions. I have been a die-hard e800 evangelist for the past couple of years now. If Toshiba would let on about their plans for Origami type products I might even hold off for a few more months before getting a UMPC.

But… I have a MESSLOAD of cash invested in PocketPC software. (You name, I probably use it; PocketInformant, SoftMaker Office, lots of Japanese learning apps, PhatNotes, Calligrapher, etc. etc.) Is there any way to leverage this investment into the UMPC?

Am I going to have to eat the loss in software if I move up to Origami? I was hoping that someone, somewhere, who is a lot smarter than me had already run into this issue and had developed an emulator to allow PPC programs to function “within a window on the desktop of the tablet PC” like they would on a PPC.

This issue alone was the one reason I had my heart set on the DualCore. Any news here? Any advice???

Ron C

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