Powerbook or Powertank?


Scott Stevenson, purchased a Powerbook from Apple, he literally beat the living daylights out of it, and it works. He says that the airport express card works, and that it still boots. Obviously by the picture you can tell the LCD or optical drive will not work, however it appears he has plugged it into an external monitor, and it’s running fine.

I wouldn’t recommend throwing your Powerbook or Macbook down the stairs, running over it with a car, and trying to blow it up; but if that’s what floats your boat then sure. This is yet another reason it is a wise idea to invest in an Apple product, try doing this to an everyday PC laptop. Laptop VS. sledge – who will win?



i had a accident with my powerbook slipped and my 12 inch took a flying lesson yes it got very bent and wel it still worked but thought the best option was to replace it i wish mac would make a 12 inch macbook pro as i dont like the plastic macbooks i prefer the aluminium hence why i went for a powerbook pro i can submit some pictures the screen is in working condition so if anyone wants some spares get in touch…. im in the uk

Gareth Potter

It’s well-known that PowerBooks are indestructible. The original web site is now sadly offline, but this Slashdot story has the lowdown – basically the machine still worked (albeit requiring an external monitor and keyboard) even after 20 minutes in the oven!

I have also heard tales of others running over PowerBooks with Jeeps and so on.



Actually Scott Stevenson posted that image with the following caption: “Matt Johnston sent around this jaw-dropping picture of a Powerbook. There’s no way to describe the scene in words so you just have to look at the photo.”


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