Palm Treo 700w AKU2 update this month


Mobility Today reports that Palm will be releasing the AKU2 update for the Treo 700w this month. The update will provide push email for 700w owners providing they are using Microsoft Exchange Server with SP2.

Key Features of MSFP

Direct Push Email Technology that enables the Treo 700w to automatically receive email, calendar, contacts and tasks wirelessly as soon as it arrives on Exchange Server 2003 SP2

Over-the-air lookup of a company’s Exchange Global Address List (GAL), providing employees with quick access to colleagues’ email and contact information; and

Added security features for IT administrators, such as over-the-air device password policy enforcement and remote wipe of the device in case it is lost or stolen


The update for the Treo 700w will be available later this month on and as a free download and included in subsequent Treo 700w smartphones and future Treo smartphones based on Windows Mobile.

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