Mac EV-DO Express Cards in May?

CTIA just concluded, and as expected it was all about wireless broadband. And why not – too much money is tied into the wireless data networks and companies need to figure out how to monetize that.

We talk about Wireless broadband networks – EV-DO, HSDPA, and new applications – in this week’s PodSession. We look at the forthcoming EVDO Rev A and what it means for not only the users but also for the carriers.
The latest version of EV-DO, revision A, promises up download speeds up to 3.1 Mb/s, upload speeds as fast as 1.8 Mb/s, and latency as low as 50ms.

HSDPA is a competing standard for GSM networks. It is capable of download speeds up to 3.6 Mb/s and uploads of 384 Kb/s. HSDPA allows simultaneous voice and data and can downgrade to older UMTS when a newer network is not available. But HSDPA is woefully behind, not just in US but also in Europe.

Also, you Mac lovers, Novatel Wireless is about to introduce a new Express Card version of EVDO modem, probably by next month. This and other juicy stuff in this week’s podsession, which is 22 minutes long, a 10 MB download.