Don’t go to Boot Camp, get Parallels instead

Apple generated a lot of surprised excitement with the announcement of the Boot Camp Public Beta that lets Intel Mac owners dual boot between OS X and Windows XP. Boot Camp facilitates the creation of a separate Windows partition on the Intel Mac so owners can install the Windows OS and choose which to boot at start time. It is the first time that Mac owners have ever been able to run native Windows on their computers.

Peter Wright has gone another route recently made possible and installed Parallel”s Workstation on his MacBook and this statement says it all:

My first impressions: WOW!

This thing is fast. It’s faster in a virtual machine than my aging Dell laptop at the office, and it feels faster than my Motion LE 1600 tablet. If you have an Intel based Mac, forget Apples BootCamp – install Parallel’s Workstation instead and run Windows on your Mac’s terms, not the other way around.

The virtual machine route lets Mac owners run the Windows apps right on the Mac desktop and if the performance is good enough then, as Peter says, it’s the best way to go.


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