Cingular To Sell MySpace Bands Ringtones

Updated: read below: Wow, what an original concept…selling ringtones of bands. Only this is MySpace. Cingular hopes the service will boost revenue, customer loyalty and help its image among young people. Customers will be able to preview ringtones and buy them on the MySpace Web site, which will then send them to their cellphone. Cingular plans to charge about $2.50 for each 30 second ringtone and will give the bands 25 percent of the proceeds.
But hey, life is a bitch..if you are locked into a contract with some operator, you will not switch just to get ringtones from MySpace bands. Point being, these single operator deals are nonsensical from the content providers’ point of view…I will keep on beating upon content providers about this, until someone comes out and says I am nonsensical.
Updated: Some more granular details from Telephony Online: Even though the MySpace music site would not occupy a slot in the Cingular content deck or the ringtones promoted in its MEdia Mall download center, the companies hope word-of-mouth will work…The MySpace program officially launches as a beta trial today with Shifter as the first band to be actively promoted. As the program gears up in the next six to eight weeks, it will begin accepting submissions from any MySpace band. Submission, however, won’t guarantee acceptance. A panel of experts from MySpace, its content aggregator InfoSpace and an outside consulting agency will review each song and reject those that are not original content. Covers and samples of other music won’t make the cut.
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