13.3 inch iBooks


According to Forbes.com Taiwan’s Asustek got an order for 1.2 million 13.3 inch Apple iBooks supposedly coming in June. These new iBooks would be powered by Intel’s new microprocessors; either the Core Duo or Core Solo. Does this mean that the Ibook will be renamed to the Macbook? Or maybe the ‘I’ in iBook will actually mean something. Full article here.

“The laptops will be powered by Intel Corp microprocessors and equipped with 13.3-inch liquid crystal display panels.

This means that even if you got the lowest end Intel iBook would be faster than an upgraded Powerbook G4. This is sad, but what’s even more amazing is that the Powerbooks g4 are not even obsolete yet, but there is something more powerful out.



Powerbook G4’s are not obsolete yet no. 15″ is and 17″ soon to follow.
Will be interesting to see how the 1.67 processor stacks up in a MacBook. Part of it will be the graphics card they slot in them. The MacBook Pro has the same as the iMac so fly’s, whereas the MacMini intel has a errr loverly intel chip for graphics. My punt is that MacBook will have the same.

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