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After what has been rather frantic session of debate over here at The Apple Blog, the rest of the world has started to really discuss what’s going on after the surprise introduction of Boot Camp.

Amongst the wider discussion is this article by Now I’m English and don’t really have a grasp of how big these guys are, but what I do know is that they’ve included a couple of quotes by two of our contributors, and even mentioned us by name:

Sam Aaron, a British doctoral candidate and blogger, says Mac fans will oppose Boot Camp. “But it’s just fanatics performing their usual Windows hatred mania. In the past, they ranted about the release of iTunes for the PC, too.”

But Rich Trouton, a Mac fan who blogs about Apple at the unaffiliated, says they should. Apple Macs are known to be virtually virus free. If users could run Microsoft programs, he says, “but be able to skip the viruses and the spyware, that’d be a huge support burden that would be substantially lessened.”

Now that’s cool.


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