Quicksilver Video: Back to Basics


QuicksilverWell, I’ve been quiet for a while here. There was a lot of good feedback concerning the Quicksilver Video Demos idea. It sounds like – while I hadn’t planned on it – everyone wants more of a tutorial style video. Fair enough.

So I wanted to announce that the next Quicksilver Video Tutorial is just about ready to drop. It’ll be a biggie, starting out with a clean setup of Quicksilver preferences – generally the most confusing part for a newcomer to the app.
Based on feedback, the video will offer:

  • Large sizing, so everything is legible
  • iPod format (which is kind of opposite of the above
  • Bezel – style text overlays to show the commands being used (where necessary)
  • As much explanation as I can muster given the video length

If you’ve got further suggestions or requests, please let me know. I may not be able to work them into this version, but I love to get your feedback – after all, it’s all about the readers.


Nick Santilli

Matt – yeah, everyone’s got a slightly different request. I started off just doing demo’s ofcool stuff with Quicksilver. But people wanted to know HOW I did them. So it evolved into a tutorial. And people wanted them large enough to see and read what I was doing. So the thing has grown into a lot more than I originally planned.

I WILL provide it in iPod format, so you’ll be able to use it as a podcast if it makes you smile. :)


First thing I thought was: video podcast! QS is such a deep program, with so many hidden but wildly useful features, it’d be completely cool if you cut your tutorial ideas into small, easily digested bites, and made each of them a seperate video podcast. I know, I know, lots more work, but it’d be cool, y’hafta admit.

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