jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #14- TabletKiosk eo UMPC video review



Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #14 here (WMV format, 320×240, 80.2 MB, 32 minutes)


I can’t remember the last time a genre of mobile device created quite the buzz that the Origami/ UMPC has generated.  Show #14 is a video overview of the TabletKiosk eo v7110 UMPC, generously provided by the good folks at TabletKiosk.  I only had the device for a couple of days but wanted to give a thorough overview of the hardware, software, and potential of the UMPC using the eo and a video review seemed the best way to do that.


I hope you enjoy this video and apologize for the audio quality.  The video camera I was using was generating some internal noise that I could not hear until I encoded the video. You can still hear the audio track OK, it’s just a little annoying.  :(   Feel free to shoot me any questions about the eo that you don’t see answered in the video and I’ll answer them if I can.

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Please note:  This video is in WMV format so it will not show up nor play in iTunes.  You will have to use another podcatcher or download the show direct to view.



Great review – thank you. I’m presently using an M1400VA (1 Gb RAM) running Office 2003 and OneNote. I’m curious as to any comparisons you can draw between the performance of that class of tablet running those applications and the EO. Is the EO discernibly slower? If the EO’s apparent performance is the same or better than the M1400, then I’ll buy an EO the moment they hit the stores.


Sears, tested iRotate and did not work. I have contacted the author of the program to see what can be done about it.


You are right JK about iRotate… but… what you are saying is not impossible to do ;-) it’s just a matter of time if iRotate does not do that already.


Steve- I use a 3M cleaning cloth for all my screens and it works great on the surface of the eo too.

Mike- I have already returned the eo but I think that you must remember that rotating the display is not the whole picture. The digitizer must be calibrated for that orientation and to be truly useful the hardware buttons and joystick must rotate too.

Anton P. Nym

Argh… I see my question about the stylus-stand was already asked and answered. I blame my cold medication. *sniff-honk*

Come to think of it… how easy is that tablet surface to clean? And how rugged is the screen against things like Kleenex and clothing?

— Steve

Anton P. Nym

Very tempting. I’m mainly eyeing the Samsung Q1 for the extra hour of battery life, but the eo looks pretty good too and if Samsung doesn’t get the lead out and get some North American release dates soon I may take my business to TabletKiosk.

One question: according to the user manual, that mysterious threaded socket in the back will take the stylus and act as a stand. Given your hands-on experience with that stylus, how rugged do you think that arrangement would be?

— Steve


A nice media center fitted with ADS tech mini TV USB
(a light edition from Arcsoft TotalMedia) is able to fit with the origami screen size. It a nice software i use on my PC (Adstech harward is made for numeric and analogic TV).

You can download it on adstech.com (at the download section for this product with a nice mediaencoder really nice for origami compact videos).

For rotate the screen, maybe the freeware iRotate can do it.

– What about a mini VGA port ont the Eo ?

– Is there a fan (noisy ?) or it is a passive cooling ?

Thans a lot.

Best wishes.

Sylvain (from Paris- France)

John from Norway

Great review JK!

Did you get to try it outdoors, in sunlight?

John from Norway.


Could you please post the picture and the dimensions/weight of the power supply for the Kiosk UMPC?


Screen rotation is more than just the graphics, you have the digitizer and the h/w buttons which would need to adjust to the new orientation too.


RE: gaming. One word: MAME. Oh yeah…
Now, if the rumored media center extender/remote software is forthcoming from microsoft, I will be very happy.

Frank J (ctitanic)

About the screen rotation. The chip support it so it’s a matter of time that somebody enables that feature back if it’s “disabled” ;-)

Frank J (ctitanic)

“I believe you would need to use a USB microphone for recording as there is no mic jack nor internal mic that I could find.”

the head phone jack is Mic and Head Phone jack at the same time, AFAIK. In the box, you should get when the eo V7110 is shipped a head phone with mic.

Intrested buyer

If you get a chance, could you ask tabletkiosk what boot methods does the device support? Does it support booting off usb floppy, cd, thumb drive, or all? Maybe this means it can run linux too. :)


Major note- I just got it confirmed from TabletKiosk that the eo will not support screen rotation on the production units. The manual that is floating around is not the final manual and has some discrepancies.


Intrested Buyer:

No Battery tests nor other benchmarks as it was just a pre-productions unit so they would be meaningless.
Via S3G UniChrome Pro IGP w/32 MB.
Check with TabletKiosk for dock info- I didn’t have one.
It has already been offered for pre-order by online retailers in the US, UK, and Australia that I have seen. Don’t know about stores.
I may post a photo of the stylus I use, but it’s just a generic cheap one like you can find at many pen stores.
Don’t know about any extended battery.
I believe you would need to use a USB microphone for recording as there is no mic jack nor internal mic that I could find.
Never noticed any fan noise so the answer is probably no fan, or a very quiet one.
I had the eo for a couple of days.
Wireless chipset- VIA Networking Technologies USB Wireless LAN Adapter.


Sears, thanks for that info- I didn’t play around with the player much since I didn’t have any music on it. :)

Intrested buyer

Nice review. Is the screen rotatable? How long does the battery life last? Any benchmarks? Which VIA graphics is it using? What ports will be available for the docking station? Will this be sold direct to consumers online, or will it be available in retail stores? How about showing us the stylus you like to use? Any plans for an extended battery? Is there a built in microphone, and/or microphone port? You pointed out there’s a heat vent; is there a cooling fan in there as well? How long did you get to evaluate it for? If you find out the chipset brand that the wireless uses, that would be great too. :)


Re: The WMP skin and color

You can change the blue background to Black if you’d like. We embedded the 6 different backgrounds that we shipped as part of the Program Launcher within the skin.

To change the background, tap the Middle button in the top left collection of buttons to cycle through them (circle with half shaded).



I didn’t get a chance to try any real games on the eo since I didn’t have it long enough. But, according to the display properties the Via graphics had 32 MB of memory which is not enough for serious gaming anyway.


So VIA’s solution is bad for gaming too? That’s too bad.
Those controls had potential.


I don’t think eReader on the PC will rotate the screen, nor Zinio either. They both depend on the device to rotate it. While I would love eReader in portrait I think that Zinio would probably work better in the wider direction. Just my 2 cents.


I intended to address the heat of the eo in the video but ran out of time (meaning I forgot). All handheld devices generate a lot of heat and while the eo got a little warm on the back never uncomfortably so. I did find that sometimes the vent on the left side of the eo could blow fairly hot air but only after I inadvertently blocked it completely with my hand.


That was a great review. I couldn’t ask for more. It is quite upsetting that the device will not rotate portrait. I wonder if programs like ereader and zinio will fix that problem.


That’s what I get for not having the manual. :) The big end of the stylus is made of very slippery plastic and after trying it on the pre-prod unit I have it doesn’t work. Won’t support the eo at all so maybe they are going to ship with a different stylus. It would have to be rubberized on the tabletop side to avoid slippage.



On your video review, you mention that the hole in the back of the unit looks like it’s for a stand. The preliminary product manual shows that you can insert the stylus into that hole to prop it like a stand. Doesn’t seem too useful, though.


The screwmount at the back is actually a rest to prop up the device using the thin pen that comes with it. A pretty poor idea I thought. ie there isn’t a proper rest for the device. If you look at the manual (now online) there’s a picture and guide to the device being proped up by its own pen.

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