Disney Mobile MVNO: Launching June

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The second MVNO service from Disney’s stable, Disney Mobile, is set to launch today at CTIA…we’ve covered the run up to the launch in some detail on this site. The service will, essentially, allow parents to set limits on their children’s cellphone use as well as track them on a map using GPS.
Parents can set up a monthly allowance of minutes, SMS or other services for each child to use. Once that’s exhausted, both the parent and the child receive an alert on their Disney Mobile phones. Parents will not need to buy a Disney Mobile phone for themselves, but if they do not, they will have to monitor the child’s phone use online instead of directly by phone.
WSJ: The MVNO runs on Sprint Nextel, much like Mobile ESPN. Disney’s two handsets: One made by Pantech Co. that will retail for $59.99 and another, more sophisticated model by LG will retail for $109.99. More pricing plans for the service closer to launch.
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