@ Billboard Mecca: Keynote, Jim Ryan, VP-Consumer Data Products, Cingular


Two things about Jim Ryan — he doesn’t stand still and he doesn’t stop thinking. He started his keynote with comments aimed at the previous panel, urging people to get out of traps like fretting over rev share — “No deal that hasn’t gotten done because we couldn’t agree on a rev share.” He also said it’s time to stop looking at Europe, etc, as being ahead: “Let’s stop talking about that — The U.S. market is the fastest growing market today. … Stop with the inferiority complex. We’re leading. Let’s start to lead.”
Then Ryan boasted about Cingular’s open access: “You can take any url and put it on the homepage of your phone. … We ain’t got a wall, we’ve got a big garden.” He came back to rev share a little later: “It’s not about rev share. It’s about increasing the pie — give people a lot more for a little more and it all works.”
mp3logo1.gif The fine folks at Billboard Mecca gave us permission to post our audio of this and some other sessions. You can download the audio here (25 mins., 8 MB)
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