Apple introduces Boot Camp- dual-boot OS X and WinXP


Apple has announced Boot Camp, software that creates a hard drive partition for Windows XP and allows dual booting on Intel Macs. Boot Camp allows Intel Mac owners to install Windows XP and run Windows programs natively in a dual boot scenario. The program is available as a free trial beta and will be included in the next major version of OS X due later this year.

(via Computerworld)



how about the speed with the dual boot system? especially with windows running on enemy hardware. Does it support equal speed as mac.

Plantronics cs361

This is something I will never understand. Why would you want to run Windows XP on a $2000 machine? Just do it on a $500 machine with equal processing power that is made for Windows!? You going to have nothing but problems with device drivers, hardware compatibility, etc.

Tablet PC User

Good for apple! That guy from must be hating himself for paying all of that $$ to develop what is now a free beta product! I hope that he made back the $$ from his work!

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