Sony Connect Big PSP Push This Fall; Internal Politics Rule

So here’s some news from the fabled land called Sony Connect…the music/video service from Sony Connect will launch on the PSP by September, according to sources, and will have extensive music and video downloads to the handheld devices. Among the companies its has tied up with includes Vongo, the online movie service from Starz.
This is in keeping with Sony’s earlier statements about opening up the PSP and enabling Wi-Fi. It has done some piecemeal efforts, but this is supposed to be the big push against the likes of say iTunes (well, there is only iTunes as competition, for now)
But what might trip up the effort for this undeniably logical push from Sony? Internal politics. If only various Sony divisions and even the Sony Connect division can get their act together. I have heard through my sources that Jay Samit, the GM for Sony Connect, has effectively been sidelined by Phil Wiser, and that his fate within the company is a bit of an unknown for now.
So while things are being done within Sony Connect (and the general feeling within the company is that there is still a window of opportunity to compete genuinely against iPod and iTunes), the infighting continues…
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