More TabletKiosk eo UMPC photos


The response has been quite rapid-fire with eveyone wanting to know different things about the TabletKiosk eo UMPC. I will only have this unit for a couple of days so that will limit how much I can try on the eo. The unit I have is a pre-production unit and doesn’t have all the software installed that it will likely ship with but I’ll give my impressions on the UMPC specific stuff like DialKeys and the Touch Pack after I’ve played with them for a while. Power management is not enabled on this prototype so I will not get into battery life issues- any observations I make in this area will just be wrong for the shipping units. On first blush the eo seems pretty snappy with the Via 1 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM installed. For those interested in DialKeys I am already running it on the Sony U and will be writing that up too. Here are a few photos to demonstrate the size of the eo compared to the Sony U and the HP tc1100:



Is that HP tablet that small or is the UMPC that big? ;)

gee … the comparative size makes the HP tablet very handy! :o

And again, is the UMPC that small or is the Sony tablet that big? ;) ;)

Guess the little inches all add up to usability. :)

Eric Mack

I don’t think it’s real

I think this must be some sort of cruel April Fool’s joke, post a day late to throw us off.

Don’t believe it.


John Lange

James, like a few others have already asked, is palm bleeding an issue when taking notes? I must say the touchscreen on the p1510d has not fared so well on that front, and I’m wondering if the smaller screen on the eo might make this less of an issue?


John Tokash- I will post some photos with common items later tonight. :)


Tablet PC User- re: the box, etc. This is a pre-production unit so I don’t get all that stuff like it will ship with. No manual, nada.


I’ll post some other photos that are clickable soon. The main web page resizes to fit the screen but it will only go so small before stuff gets cut off, Mike. :)

Mike Cane

Are these photos scaled correctly? I’m getting them cut off on the ^%$#ing 770 as well as a PC running IE.

You usually have small ones that are clickable to larger ones.



John Tokash

jk – nice looking photos. Unfortunately, the other devices in the pictures are not familiar enough to me. Can you take some with the device next to something most people have actually touched?

Suggestions: Your car keys, an ipod, a cell phone, a dollar bill.



Great photos. Its smaller than I thought (which is good). Now all we need do is take that UMPC screen and put it ontop of the Sony and we have the perfect size device! Please can we have a video!

Tablet PC User

Can you show us the full box with accessories, documentation etc?

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