ISync Adds More Phones to the Mix


Motorola PEBL, Nokia 8800, Nokia 8801, Nokia N70 and Nokia N90 along with a slew of other phones from Sony Ericsson have joined the long list of phones/devices that can be synced with Apple’s iCal and Address book applications, thanks to the new iSync 2.2, which comes with the 10.4.6 update of the Mac OS.

Nokia’s Series 60 phones are the only ones that sync Address Book pictures and To-Do List items. I am currently using Nokia 8801 and sync it using Phone Director, but this native support is going to come in handy.



I just sent a similar message.

I’ve been a Moto user for years. I love their phones for the most part, but their archaic contact database leaves ALOT to be desired.

Being a Cingular user, I would have gone with the Samsung D807 which is a very nice phone. My brother has it, however as a Mac user I know first hand how it works…err.. should I say doesn’t work with iSync. I guess I could try syncing it with one of my Windows PCs, but what fun would that be when my Macbook Pro is my main personal machine.

Looks like it’s the RAZR for me next time I upgrade instead of going w/ Samsung.


I just sent this message to Samsung via their feedback page and I suggest all of you do the same!

To whom it should concern,
I am on my 5th Nokia phone, because I know that I can use the software of my choosing with their phones. I am wanting to buy an SGH-T809, but your lack of support for industry standards like SyncML and OBEX is going to force me to buy a Motorola RAZR even though I feel it is a less appealing product.

You to do you ever it take to get you phones on this list: Apple users are passionate, evangelistic, loyal, and tend to have discretionary finances. These are the kinds of customers you want.

I’ve bought one flat panel from Sharp this year. ( I’m not lying ) I am in the market for 2 more. I am in the market for an up-sampling DVD player, camcorder, and color laser printer. Until you embrace my community (educated, demanding, consumers) none of your products will make it into my home, even though you have some beautiful TVs that meet my wife’s strict bezel requirements.

Please do yourself a favor and embrace SyncML in your mobile phones. I want to buy your products, but cannot.

–Richard Bronosky


Alpha Foxtrot Tango. Sure took long enough to get Nokia Series 40 support. However, that kind of sync Opera Mobile and Google Local Nokia battery life and reception = very promising.

However, the 128×128 screen size on most of the S40 phones is still irritating. But the 6270 is now on my radar in a way it wasn’t a week ago.


Great! It supports my 6280 now. Too bad the Samsung t809 doesn’t work – it’s going to be my next phone.

Om Malik

i agree, that they really need to do something about the samsung and LG phones. anyway i think soon we might actually see better phones.

Luke Kanies

Unfortunately, still no support for Samsung phones. I had a T809 briefly, and it was a pretty sweet phone, but I couldn’t sync it with my Mac so it was quickly going to become unmanageable.

Too bad; I replaced it with a Razr, which has a smaller, crappier screen, a smaller camera, and absolutely embarrassing software. At least the Bluetooth reception is great and I don’ t have to worry about syncing.

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