TEO 3.0 beta is superb!


Josh Einstein has released the public beta for Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) 3.0 and it is a screamer. This beta version times out on April 15th so go get it! Watch the forum for update announcemnts. Take a look at just a partial list of new features in TEO 3.0:

  • Enhanced Notes Area- inking at its finest
  • TEO Reminder Window- get reminders for both text and ink entries in one window
  • Contact Linking in all items- the new ink enabled contact selection dialog box makes it a snap to link a contact to any Outlook item
  • Audio Recording in all items- that’s right, now you can attach a recording to any item in TEO (appointments, contacts, journal, and tasks)
  • Wikipedia lookup- highlight a word or phrase in the notes area of any TEO form and TEO will look up the highlighted term in the Wikipedia
  • Skype Telephony Integration- complete with caller ID, note taking during calls, and the ability to record any call over Skype, all within TEO
  • Enhanced Map Integration- TEO 3.0 will provide maps and directions to any contact or appointment in TEO using MapPoint.



I just want to know if the new TEO will be faster. 2.0 slowed the load time of outlook down so much that I couldn’t use it.

Josh Einstein

It will Phillip. I convinced my fiance to let me fry her tablet with beta everything. So I’ll try to get to Office 2007 ASAP.

Philip Copeland

I am excited about it, but I need it to support the new version of Outlook (now in beta). I’m sure it will in time . . .


Man, I thought TEO 2.0 was a fine product, but Josh has taken 3.0 over the top. There are so many improvements and new bells and whistles that I barely know where to start. And this is just the first beta…

TEO 3.0 rocks!

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