Music Acts Eager To Get Some Game

Reuters: Why hasn’t the music industry entered the branded game market with all the vim and vigor of the movie industry? Possibly because it’s less obvious how to make a game from a music act than from a movie, which tends to have a fair bit of action involved.
“That is why the early entrants to the format have focused on hip-hop stars, where guns, violence and compelling story lines are not uncommon…”The urban angle certainly has more of a story to it,” says Zingy’s Scott Debson, vice president of licensing and publishing. “When you’re looking at shoot-’em-up games, you’re not really going to have Kelly Clarkson in it.”
Although the vast majority of available mobile games fall into the action/adventure category, the best sellers are in fact “casual” games, such as poker, puzzles, bowling or darts. These types of games are much easier to brand with a particular act or album that otherwise lacks a story line.”
Another option is to go the trivia route, which is what Kid Capri has done. He’s hooked up with Indiagames to launch Kid Capri Hip Hop 101 on Verizon within this month. I got a video demo with the press release — a basic hip-hop trivia game but spruced up with a Kid Capri music score, and the visuals are done in an urban/graffiti style — which will probably appeal more than the typical text-only trivia games.
The article does suggest “there is room for creative development that does not try to copy those made for the bigger consoles” which I think is the most important comment in the piece — a good, innovative game with the backing of a major singer will go stellar…
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