Download, Burn, Almost Play (That) DVD

Hollywood, somehow cannot get its head out of its asinus, and then blames people for swapping movies online. The latest example of this bone headed behavior comes via Movielink and Cinema Now.

Major studios are now offering movies on these services for downloading and burning on a DVD – which is good move only if you ignore the fine print. The movies you download can be burnt on a DVD but will play back only on your PC, but not on your DVD players. What! Crazy!

For the (in)convenience of the downloads on Movielink (jointly owned by the studios, of course), you have to shell out more cash than you do physical DVDs. At least Cinema Now is trying to keep prices reasonable. Oh by the way it will take between one to two hours to download the movies. Think about it this way, this might force people to upgrade to higher speeds, and perhaps switch from slower DSL plans to cable company offerings!


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