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What’s Up With Optical Stocks?

All talk of broadband proliferation, IPTV, and consolidation in the telecom hardware business is lifting optical stocks. Mind you, they are still a very pale self of their former bubblicious self. These stocks used to trade in triple digits, but nose-dived once the telecom bubble burst. noticed that as well. Actually the entire telecom ecosystem is trading at near 12-month highs. Check out Qwest, Level 3, Ciena, Tellabs and JDS Uniphase! If you get a chance, read my story on the telecom turnaround from CNN Money. Here is Real Money’s take.

3 Responses to “What’s Up With Optical Stocks?”

  1. You have to wonder, particularly since, the last I’d heard, there is still a lot of dark fiber out there to be used.

    Google didn’t buy it all. ;-)

    Doesn’t a chunk of that need to be brought into service before new glass is deployed?