What’s Up With Optical Stocks?


All talk of broadband proliferation, IPTV, and consolidation in the telecom hardware business is lifting optical stocks. Mind you, they are still a very pale self of their former bubblicious self. These stocks used to trade in triple digits, but nose-dived once the telecom bubble burst. TheStreet.com noticed that as well. Actually the entire telecom ecosystem is trading at near 12-month highs. Check out Qwest, Level 3, Ciena, Tellabs and JDS Uniphase! If you get a chance, read my story on the telecom turnaround from CNN Money. Here is Real Money’s take.



Interesting views here Om. Angelo Liberatore from Credit Suisse had some comments on this post so we podcasted the conversation.



Was curious were the stock graphs are from? Very web 2.0’ish. Haven’t seen anyone come up with stylish graphs for stocks yet.

Marlin May

You have to wonder, particularly since, the last I’d heard, there is still a lot of dark fiber out there to be used.

Google didn’t buy it all. ;-)

Doesn’t a chunk of that need to be brought into service before new glass is deployed?

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