Apple celebrates 30th birthday with mini-Tablet announcement

JobsREDMOND, WA; April 1, 2006-  Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs celebrated the boutique computer maker’s 30th birthday with a surprise press conference held in the Redmond Holiday Inn this morning.  Having the press conference in Microsoft’s back yard was no doubt intended to fire a shot across the bow of the Redmond software giant and in typical Jobs style.

"Thirty years in the computer business is a very long time and Apple has survived and flourished for so long because we listen to our customers.  Well, that and the unexpected success of the iPod.  So, to celebrate our 30th anniversary and to prove once again that we listen to our customers, I am proud to give you the HuchiKuchi.  The HuchiKuchi is a Tablet running OS X and is a true lifestyle Mac for the zealot enthusiast.  We have been applying for patents over the past year and all the technical innovations represented by these patents have been applied to the HuchiKuchi. 

"With a 2.9 inch touchscreen that can be controlled by two fingers, the HuchiKuchi will become the primary computer of choice for everyone on the planet.  Retailing for just $1999 the HuchiKuchi can be carried around in style in the new Apple HuchiKuchi stash case made from rich Corinthian leather.  The HuchiKuchi must be removed from the case to use it but this is by design, no matter what rumors that emerge later might say.

"One of the most innovative features of the HuchiKuchi is the integration with the iTunes Music Store.  Since it is a full Tablet computer running OS X, the HuchiKuchi runs the full iTunes software with a twist- the device can see any other device on the WiFi network and if it detects non-iTunes music or video libraries it will automatically delete them.  No more incompatible music that your friends can no longer share with you.  iTunes for everyone, that is the beauty behind the HuchiKuchi.

"The HuchiKuchi will be available for order immediately on the Apple online store, with shipments expected in late 2007.  We all need a little HuchiKuchi in our lives and I believe this delivers."

No actual units were displayed at the press conference, and when asked about that Mr. Jobs indicated that he believes Apple customers will buy any of their products sight unseen, and they expect that belief to be proven with the HuchiKuchi.


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