Will Apple iPod Phones Hit The Market On Schedule?


More iPhone rumors…Here is a report based on two anonymous sources saying that Apple’s iPod phone could be delayed due to “significant technological hurdles” in developing the product. Says a report in Think Secret:

Apple is said to have wanted to develop its cell phone from the ground up and not merely redesign or re-brand an existing phone with a different interface. In the process of doing so, however, sources say the company has run into problems making the various cell phone components work together. Issues also have cropped up with the chip Apple was using that receives the cellular signal.

The sources said that the original timeline had Apple expecting to release the cell phone in the third-quarter of 2006, but the report says it could go into 2007.
However, DigiTimes reports that an Apple phone launch is expected soon since the company is believed to have contacted a number of Taiwan handset makers, including High Tech Computer, Inventec Appliances, and others for possible cooperation in handset production. [Via Macworld] Related stories:
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