Mobile Game Controversy?


Office MassacreAlten8 has pulled a game it was planning on distributing from Russian publishers Zen Creations, citing “unfair and unjust criticism in the press”. The distribution of the game, Office Massacre, was announced a couple of weeks ago and was due to begin in April, but the deal was just cancelled. “We cannot allow Alten8 to become the centre of a witch hunt , or allow individuals to further their causes at the expense of our fledgling company,” said the company in a statement. As it’s name implies the game is about shooting down workers and policemen in an office — but not, and I want to make this clear, giving you the chance to slaughter your co-workers, as it was described in at least one place. If the game had the ability to take pictures of your coworkers with your cameraphone and have those images inserted into the game that would be personal. And personalized, the next big thing in mobile content…
That being said, this doesn’t seem to have been a GTA-level controversy. In fact, the only mention I find of the game in the press (outside of announcements that it was being launched) was a criticism by Christopher Weaver, who made comments about social responsibility.

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