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Office 2007 has been given a total facelift over the previous version, and no doubt you’ve seen pictures and videos of the new "ribbon" interface. I have been using it for a few weeks and the more I use it the more I realize that a lot of the interface enhancements make the various Office applications much easier to use with the pen on a Tablet PC.  This video demonstrates how those UI changes makes my work on a Tablet PC more productive, and in the video I show how a lot of these changes will be a boon for Origami device owners.  Note that Office 2007 is an early beta and will likely change from what is demonstrated in this video by release time.

The video was recorded totally onscreen using Camtasia Studio and I hope you enjoy it.  One caveat I should mention, drop-down menus from the ribbon interface are not currently picked up by Camtasia and do not appear in the video.  In every instance in the demo I tried to make sure and talk you through what was in the menu that you couldn’t see.  At the end of the day I didn’t think that hampered the video usefulness so I am releasing this demo anyway.  I am sure that TechSmith will update Camtasia so these menus can be recorded when Office 2007 is actually released.

During the recording of this video I got an amusing Skype interruption by someone well known in the Tablet PC community.  I’ll send a Channel 9 guy to the first person who submits a comment to the show post with the correct name of the caller.

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