HDTV Gone Wireless

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Chipmaker Metalink which makes VDSL chips will show-off a new chip, WLANPlus that is based on emerging 802.11n standard at The National Show (NCTA), in Atlanta next week. The new chip will allow HDTV streaming wirelessly, the company claims. Several other companies are showing off these similar chips, even though the 802.11n standard is still far from being set. Folks from Ruckus were showing off their HD IPTV products last month, and have posted a pretty nice primer on the space on their blog. Ruckus had recently snagged a deal with Pioneer Telephone.

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You’ve gotta wonder what the major differentiator here is. I watched the 802.16 Chip business shakeout as each player rushed out chips while vendors wait for a clear industry standard design.

In the mean time the development kits were nearly given away – I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the chip business.

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