Dial Meez To Pimp Your Virtual Self

With the virtual worlds breaking out, social networks gaining in popularity, just like blogs and IM, Sean Ryan, a former Real Networks executive, is convinced that there is a money making opportunity when it comes to 3D avatars.

Perhaps that explains why he just launched Meez, the first offering from his San Francisco-based start-up, Donnerwood Media. “Meez allow users to personalize their communications in a completely new way,” says Ryan.

Meez.com“Our ever-growing selection of clothing and accessories gives consumers millions of possible ways to turn their Meez I.D. into a personal statement that can be shared on their favorite online services.” Donnerwood has raised about $4.3 million in venture funding, from Battery Ventures, Transcosmos Partners, Allen & Co. and other individuals.

It is an interesting idea, and I have spent a lot of time trying to make a virtual avatar for myself. But it is quite fun and addictive. You can pick clothing, hairstyles, piercings, accessories, backgrounds and fun animations. In places like South Korea, this has become a mega million dollar business. Okay, we can laugh at it, but then we laughed at ringtones as well.