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Sprint Eyes Music Subscription

Sprint Nextel is reportedly planning a music subscription service, although it hasn’t got as far as working out things like price yet. It was the first major US carrier to launch a music download service at the end of October last year when it was roundly criticized for pricing the songs at $2.50 a pop. A subscription service would probably be better value to the customer, and it wouldn’t take much to look cheap alongside that.
There’s an interesting comment from Sprint Chief Operating Officer Len Lauer refering to the subscription service to 20 channels from Sirius: “We’d like to have the capability later this year that the customer listens to a song and says, ‘I want to buy that song’.” That seems to be a different effort from the download subscription service, although if both were introduced it would be interesting to see whether they were hooked up or not, and the reasoning put forward.
It would be great for consumers — if you had a subscription to both services and heard a song you liked you could get it straight away and it would seem free. But the whole point of encouraging impulse buying is to get more cash out of the customer…
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