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Mobile2win Launches “Rang De Basanti” Game On Mobile

Press Release: Mobile2win, a leading Indian mobile content company, has launched a mobile game based on the latest bollywood flick Rang De Basanti. Mobile2win has launched this game in an exclusive tie-up with UTV and
Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra Pictures, the producer of the film. It’s a java application, and as in the movie there are six characters in the game too – DJ, Sue, Karan, Aslam, Sonia, Laxman and Sukhi.
The gamers have to save these characters from the corrupt authorities and help them reach the radio station to broadcast the truth…an adaptation of the plot in the movie.
However, I think the game could have reached the market much earlier. The movie was released on January 26. The movie is a hit, hope the game is one too.