Legalese: Apple, eBay, TiVo All In Court Wednesday

Three court cases are in the spotlight today with varying potential effects.

TiVo- EchoStar: TiVo co-founder Mike Ramsey testified today that TiVo shared technology with EchoStar later used in Dish Network’s own DVRs. The outcome of the federal trial, expected to last about two weeks, could affect TiVo’s stock and its ability to get some licensing fees.

Apple- Apple: Apple Corp’s QC said Apple Computer Chairman Steve Jobs offered the music company $1 million for the Apple Records trademark just before iTunes launched. Apple Corp could gain a fair amount of money; Apple Computer could put an end to the long-running trademark problems.

eBay-MercExchage: The U.S. Supreme Court heard the patent case today and was tough on eBay. At issue: whether courts should have discretion over when to grant injunctions in patent-infringement cases.

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