@ DH: Day Two: Sun Finally Out; YouTube Rumors; Facebook Fallout; Qualcomm; MobiTV

Day two at Digital Hollywood was a sunny, beautiful day. Some buzz and fallout from the Facebook valuation issues. BW is doing a followup to the story two days ago, and people here are still scratching their heads. I heard Greylock is one of the funders in Facebook’s new round.
The other thing I am hearing is YouTube is being hawked around vigorously now…it has also closed a big round from what I hear at an “insane” valuation. Kinda ties in with the post Staci has below…if they take money from the big guys,they have to work with them now.
Another things which is getting some play is that Qualcomm has been hiring content producers in NYC and LA to develop original content to push through its mobile TV service MediaFlo, which will launch with Verizon later this year (hopefully). Officially, the company says that the BW story quote was taken out of context, slightly, and they are merely working with all different parties on the production part. That’s a head scratcher for now…need to see how it will play out when the service launches.
On a potential competitor MobiTV, some people asked me what will their ultimate game be? The mobile video aggregation company is moving from just being on 3G systems to mobile TV streaming (DVB-H, DMB etc). Some rumors are they will do an IPO soon…my bet is someone like Yahoo would come in when they get serious about mobile content and video.
More thoughts later…
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