Coming soon to a car near you- OrigamiCar

I told you car modders were hot to get Origamis installed into their cars. A new website, OrigamiCar, is soon to release software designed to control your car audio system from a UMPC/ Origami. I hope they add voice control to this, it would be absolutely cool. Oh, and throw in GPS navigation while you’re at it, and video playing, and…. I better stop now before I have a geek meltdown. Here is the feature list and a photo:

  • Designed specifically for Microsoft UMPC devices
  • Designed for the 800 x 480 native resolution that UMPC’s use.
  • Intuative Touchscreen Interface
  • Everything is easily accessable using just the touchscreen.
  • Easy to use (even when driving at 65mph!)
  • Buttons are large enough to select without having to concentrate on the screen. Moving to previous/next tracks can even be done without even looking at the screen.
  • Access the music YOU want to play quickly and easily
  • Scrolling through your collection is easy using either the onscreen dial or the new click and drag scroller – the further you drag, the faster the scrolling.
  • No more trying to select the tiny windows scrollbars.
  • Integrates into your existing Microsoft Media Player music library.
  • Change the way it looks
  • Create your own color themes or use other themes from others.
  • Origami Car ships with ‘theme builder’, a seperate application that lets you quickly build, copy, edit and change themes and preview the results onscreen.

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