Origami peripheral options

I first wrote about my "smallest desktop" almost a year and a half ago and the amazing thing is it hasn’t changed much:


The Sony U71 is still a good workhorse for me and when I need to do serious writing requiring a keyboard with full-sized keys the ThinkOutside Stowaway still works like a champ.  The other two pieces to the small desktop I wrote about earlier have been replaced by the IOGear Bluetooth mouse and the Palm Treo that provides EVDO connectivity most everywhere I roam.

Rob Bushway, Tracy Hooten, and Warner Crocker have been thinking about how to get more mobile with a Tablet PC and for me the Origami might be the perfect solution for them.  These peripherals I am using with the Sony are perfect for the Origami devices soon to appear for those who would like to take them on a trip for instance, yet still want the comfort zone created by having a good mouse and keyboard with them.  A setup like this is a real laptop replacement for most of the work likely to be done and prospective owners of Origamis (UMPCs) should not overlook them.  While the keyboard stand in the photo won’t support the weight of the larger Origamis, as I mentioned before it is great that at least some of the OEMs are integrating stands right into the back of the units.  Here’s a couple more photos of my setup (just imagine your dream Origami device in the photos):




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