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Hearst Publications Go Mobile

CosmoGirlHearst Publications has launched mobile sites for Cosmopolitan, CosmoGIRL! and Seventeen…the sites are available on the portals Cingular and Sprint due to a team-up with Volantis, but are also available direct-to-consumer. Readers of Cosmopolitan, for example, text “cosmo” to 26766…receive back a link to the mobile site. From there, they can ‘browse and buy’ from a range of mobile consumables plus content such as fashion and beauty tips designed specifically for readers.” Bango also provides the payment mechanisms. I expect using carrier portals as well as an independent portal will increasingly become the strategy of choice — customers will find it easy to access through their carrier but there is also a lot of benefit for the magazines to promote the service within the pages.
Anil Malhotra, Bango vice president of alliances, said publishers were still trying to work out how to use the mobile space, whether it would replace magazine sales, increase magazine sales, complement magazine sales or whatever. Bango is trying to demonstrate how mobile content can augment the revenue the magazine receives per user, especially once advertisements are implemented on the mobile as well.
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