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Don’t click this link…

The notorious DrunkenBatman has found a pretty big bug in OS X. Granted, it won’t affect your everyday work (unless you somehow find these kinds of files), but basically, the image on the linked page will crash any app that uses the image processing API in OS X. Other apps that “roll their own” are not affected. The affected apps include, but aren’t limited to: Finder, Safari (and any app that uses WebKit), and iPhoto.

Here is the link to the article:

Open it in Firefox if you want to read it. Do not open it in Safari. Be careful to not drag the image into your Finder desktop, or you’ll have some serious issues, as it will cause Finder to continually relaunch, over and over.

6 Responses to “Don’t click this link…”

  1. I’m not sure how it’s done either. It must be done in the image properties or the data in Photoshop, but he doesn’t go into details. That’s probably a good thing. He just comes across all of these images on the Internet that do this.

  2. Lordmike

    I have read the blog and still don’t get it. I mean how can a seemingly normal picture create such annoyance? It’s just a compressed picture! Is it something with how it was compressed that put in some nasty code which finder doesn’t like?!
    I’m really confused now hehe :)

  3. It’s not dangerous, just incredibly annoying if a person is using Safari or something, and they click on the link, and they have several other tabs, etc. open. The author of the link article notes that, in fact.

    Even so, it’s probably “safer” for me to de-linkify it. Done.