TabletKiosk eo UMPC available for pre-order


Eo_listThe TabletKiosk V-700 UMPC is no more.  Don’t fret, it has been officially named the eo and pre-orders starting at $899 are being taken now at the TabletKiosk web site for late April shipping.  The eo ships in either black or white and the two configuration options are 256 MB (with 30 MB hard drive) or 512 MB of memory (with 40 MB hard drive) for $999.  From the press release:

TabletKiosk™, a leader in Tablet PC and exhibit centric computing solutions, announces the much anticipated launch of their new Ultra Mobile PC, eo™ which will begin shipping the last week of April 2006.

eo™ represents the new generation of mobile computing. Measuring 9”W x 5.75”H x 1”D and weighing just under 2 pounds, eo™ is the most portable and convenient Tablet PC device for taking handwritten notes, accessing the internet, instant messaging, listening to music, viewing movies and playing games. eo™ enables you to connect, communicate and accomplish any task anywhere, any time, and be entertained and informed wherever life takes you.

eo™, named for the Latin word meaning to go, advance, or progress, was developed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s highly mobile individuals by combining the power and compatibility of the full version of Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet Edition with a lightweight “carry-everywhere” hardware design. As part of Microsoft’s Ultra Mobile PC initiative, eo™ features enhanced touch-screen capabilities with handwriting recognition and a revolutionary new, on-screen keyboard. For convenience and efficiency, eo™ also offers a wide range of other input options including the enhanced touch-screen via stylus, stereo microphone with voice recognition, and hardware controls that are easily adaptable for left or right handed users.

eo™ comes equipped with Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet Edition as well as with the new Microsoft® Touch Pak, mobile-ready technologies that make it easy to access and use your software on the go. In addition, eo™ sports USB 2.0, wireless networking, and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, a full range of custom accessories are being developed to enhance the eo™experience.

“We are excited to have partnered with TabletKiosk on the eo™ UMPC and are confident in the value it will provide to a wide range of audiences,” said Bill Mitchell, Vice President of the Mobile Platforms Division at Microsoft Corp. “With new touch screen functionality and the power of the Windows® XP experience, as well as the small, portable design, eo™ will be a great choice for many consumers who rely more and more on mobile technologies to accomplish their daily tasks.”

eo™ V7110 Fast Facts:
Weight: 1.98 lbs.
Measurements: 9”W x 5.75”H x 1”D
Display: 7” TFT-LCD Touch Screen
Processor: VIA C7M NaNo @ 1.0 GHz
Chipsets: VIA VN800 Northbridge /
Memory: 256MB/512MB/1024MB
Hard Drive: 30GB to 160GB
Wireless: Built-in 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth
Battery Life: 2.5 hours (approx. 4 hours with optional extended battery)
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet Edition
Colors: Initially available in Black or White



I would love to have one of these devices, as I already own a PDA, but it is fairly limited as to what it can do. When they get under 1000 dollars, I will probably buy the samsung.


They sent yesterday an email saying that that was a mistake. I trust TabletKiosk. They have been around already for a while.

Roger Heller

I ordered my EO and I was assured by the CEO of the company that my credit card would not be charged until shipping at the end of April only to find out the next day that it was.

Be careful of this company.

Tablet PC User

Wow…too much $$ for me..I’ll wait for the ones closer to $599.00


Don’t like the 1W speaker, the samsung comes with 2x2W, better for playing music I’d have thought.


Awesome, Frank! Are you going to get a cradle and extended battery when they are available?

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