mBlox To Launch “Single Price” Music Download Service In The UK


UK operators are beginning to permit off-portal content…at least, mBlox has managed to scrounge a special deal with Vodafone. It has signed a wholesale data model with the carrier which allows it to offer data packages cheap enough to be bundled with content, the first example being an off-portal music track service launched with New-Visions. Vodafone users will pay one price for the track with data included.
According to Mobile Entertainment “Orange is expected to be the next operator to offer the wholesale GPRS model, with the remaining UK networks falling into line during the summer”. T-Mobile has an unlimited data service
I’m not sure what kind of deal was struck by mBlox, nor whether this sort of data-bundling will take off sooner rather than later. There are indications it will be sooner, with Orange considering “wholesale data as the core to the long-term development of the mobile media market”. Good lord, telcos selling bandwidth instead of content, what will they think of next?

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