IGN Goes Mobile


IGN Mobile LogoGames info site IGN has launched a mobile version of its site at mobile.ign.com. IGN is a pretty significant games site which claims more than 33 million unique monthly visitors worldwide. The portal is being launched off-deck but there are also attempts to strike deals with carriers to put it on the carriers’ portal — so far Cingular has signed on. The content will include videogame tips, trends, news, announcements, and will offer on-demand video. The catch? A $4.99 per month subscription fee. Still, gamers can be a fairly fanatical lot and with that kind of subscriber base it only takes a very small percentage who take up the service for it to be worthwhile. It’s being run on Nellymoser’s ASAO mobile platform. Nellymoser’s CEO John Puterbaugh told me media companies especially seek a specialist partner to publish a mobile content site because they need to constant update the content and they’re usually not technology specialists.
There should be particular interest in a games news site because one of the complaints about mobile games is that people generally have no idea of whether a game is good before they buy it. If they haven’t got a friend who has already downloaded the game they have to take the risk with their cash because there’re no big mobile games community sites. The IGN site could counter this (if it goes to the sensible effort of putting mobile games info on its mobile site). The other obvious thing is for the site to link to games on the carriers deck — something that Puterbaugh told me wasn’t happening yet but was certainly possible in the future.
IGN will be promoting the service across all its sites, as well as a general marketing push in coming months.
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