OnTheRun with Tablet PCs #18


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Marc Orchant and I are back with this week’s stroll down Tablet Lane.  Listener John Lange let us know that the Fujitsu P1510D is now available in MicroCenter retail stores and we discuss that a bit.  Thanks for that tip, John.  DialKeys is all the buzz on Origami devices but did you know it’s already been shipping on the Fujitsu?  Marc has just returned from a trip to a GTD seminar and fills us in on what’s happening with Eric Mack who also attended.  We want to see that home-brew battery pack, Eric.  Marc’s trip gave him ample opportunities to demo the Tablet PC to a number of people and let him generally annoy the flight crew on his flight.  Lastly, we have a good discussion about Office 2007 and what it brings to the pen and slate for Tablet owners.

Link to Office Rocker’s video demo of OneNote 2007.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think.

Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.

UPDATE:  John Lange did indeed pick up the Fujitsu and has sent us these photos of the Fuji alongside his Portege 3505 and Nokia 770 (click to enlarge):

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hey, great podcast there! And I didn’t need to decrypt it to listen in! :p

So when are you guys gonna do a vlog (video) on this? :)


You da man, John! Enjoy the new toy and keep us posted how it progresses. Hard decision vs. the Lenovo, wasn’t it? :)

John Lange

Yeah I brought the 1510 home!!! Sure enough the Microcenter didn’t even know they had 2 units when I showed up this morning. Once I prompted them to review their inventory, it wasn’t long before I had one in my hand and I do mean hand. Nothing can prepare you for the actual size of this device until you’re holding it. No less than 4 employees in the store came over seeking to satisfy their immediate curiosity. I wavered a bit between taking this home versus the Lenovo X41, but Orchant had me pegged ultimately. I had an adventure finding a specific BBQ place on the way home to mollify my wife with her requested lunch (home with the baby while I’m out spending gobs of cash)So, once home eating had to precede orgasmic new gadget box opening, or I else I would have posted sooner! Sorry for the delay nevertheless! Once booted up I immediately noticed the Dial Keys icon on the desktop, thinking surely that’s the same thing I’d seen on the Origami? But it wasn’t until I then opened IE and inked jkontherun.com that I could verify indeed the dialkeys program was what I thought it was. I installed it and have found it a bit challenging so far to be honest. Thus I’m typing this post from the fabulous little keyboard on the 1510 while I watch George Mason inch closer to further obliterating my bracket….I’m so completely flattered you guys would spend the first segment of the show talking about my tip! Alas, baby’s crying and I’m now on duty! Gotta go….comparison pics to come JK.

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