Ah, the memories.


Mac OS X is five years old this month, and Apple’s gone through five revisions to this OS (counting the Public Beta) with a sixth on the way. Remember when the latest and greatest OS from Apple had a desktop that looked like this?

I remember booting it up, and being a little confused. Why’d they move the Apple menu to the middle of the menubar? Then, after trying to click on the Apple logo in the middle of the menu bar, I remember getting angry. How the heck was I going to get to the Recent Items if there wasn’t a freakin’ Apple menu? Then I downloaded Classic Menu and life was good again. Until I realized that the Chooser was gone, how was I going to set up printing? Gah!

It took me a while to get used to X, and I think it wasn’t until 10.2 first came out that I started using OS X regularly as opposed to playing in OS X and getting real work done in OS 9.

Anybody else got memories of their 9 to X changeover to share? Let me know in the comments.

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ahh, how soon we forget…

Having to reboot when an application crashes. I have heard of kernel panics but have never actually seen one. Personally I think they are just an urban legands.

I do miss being able to drag and drop a functional copy of the system folder. At the risk of showing my age I remember when the system fit on a 400k floppy with room left over for apps and files. And PageMaker also fit on a 400k floppy and ran from the external floppy drive with room left over for files. Which was a good thing since there were no hard drives.

I remember getting my first 20 meg hard drive for my Mac 512K and having to crack the case and cut a hole with an exacto knife in the battery compartment and dangle a SCSI cable out the back. And that hard drive was about 3x the size of the MacMini and cost $600.

Color? We don’t need no steenking color! Grayscale is better than that putrid green.

Brrrr, all this strolling down memory lane before my second cup of coffee. I need a fix. Wonder if I still have that old percolator with the glass bulb thingie I used for camping? Makes a better cup of coffee than this new fan-dangled cappuccino machine.


I bought my first Mac back in 2002 and it came with OS X 10.1 and OS 9. I remember how it took FOREVER to boot up especially when it got to starting OS 9. I also had this problem copying text from an OS X app and pasting it onto an app on OS 9. Both programs would just hang. But OS X is just amazing now. I love it!


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Powerbook users might remember how fast OS X woke from sleep when you opened the computer compared to OS 9, it was instant. On the other hand I still miss the snapiness of OS 9 sometimes. Yet I really don’t miss trouble shooting extensions, manually managing how much RAM every application was allowed to use or going thru the chooser to connect to a network volume.

That picture takes me back. I totally forgot about the lack of an apple menu. I didn’t have luxury of holding off for the switch, we had a OS X version of FreeHand to test while 10.0 (cheetah really was an odd choice for a code name) was being finalized and an anxious Steve Jobs calling to see how it was coming along.


That finder is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. And boy, was I happy when they added the ability to change the button colors to graphite.


Man. Remember that weird “Single Window Mode” button that, when clicked, allowed for only one window to be open on the screen? It was in the upper left-hand corner of any given window.

Whoa steve. that was really friggin weird.


I have kind of weird OS experience. I started with 10.1 but then used OS 9 as well. (I worked with Pro Tools and all they had was it running on 9 at the time.)


Ah yes, the public beta. I remember showing it to everyone using my pismo with a second hard-drive in the right side bay (thank god for the folks at MCE). Slow as it was it was incredible, and on my dual 450 it used BOTH processors. How cool!

I also remember the the hack required to make Airport networking do it’s thing and the almost nonexistent power management. The first night I installed it and I shut the lid, went to bed and woke myself up but the computer was dead. I remember thinking that problem would never get fixed.

Oh and then epic release fire in almost no time and I could IM again. Glorious.

Really, It really was like watching a child grow up.

I went full OS x even on my production machine at an agency at version 10.1. Everyone thought I was nuts. But it worked with a ton of learning curve and lots of time in classic mode.

I have to say the worst failure for a company during the transition was Quark. InDesign was released native LONG before Quark was and spurred my switch to InDesign. I’ve never looked back even after using Quark since version 1. There was another, what I called “Evil OS9 Apps” I used for long into the transition but I can’t remember what it was.

It’s been a long road, and not all entirely smooth. I still love the ease in OS 9 of tweaking the extensions to see just how small you could get your OS footprint to be while still maintaining all your needed functions, the Apple menu’s ease of customization, and the “snappiness” of the UI, etc, etc.

I have often wondered how fast OS 9 would run if it could run dual processors on a 2.5 GHz G5.

Anyway the stories go on and on.


man…I will remember that for a long time.
Totally screwed up whilst doing the change over…
Then I got to scared so ended up having to re install 8.6 from the disks that came with the computer, and waiting another year.
but 10.2 was soooo worth the wait…

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